Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weekend trip to Sharm!

Typical Cairo! This trip has it all... the time issue, the madness, the vitality.. everything Cairo means to me!

First: the inception or motivation - of the trip, I mean. Two weeks in sun-less Seattle, two weeks in rainy Seattle, two weeks in cold Seattle. Without getting too poetic about it, sitting in Seattle, the only place I could dream of was the beach: Sun and the beach - taking a tan, sipping a cool drink and staring at the blue horizon like an idiot. This dream, unrealized, festered in my breast, wanting to burst forth into reality. The terrible pressures mounted unstoppably driving me to the decision. I had to go to Sharm.

Second: the boiling. Idea firmly in mind, it was time to share the dream and enlighten the masses. A few phone calls a few ideas exchanged and after much debate a time and date set.

Third: Implementation. We've got the rooms booked and timings confirmed. We want to hit the road at 6 and be there by midnight. And as plans go, this one was shot to hell even before we started. I had a meeting with my boss and it seemed unending. The only saving grace was that I'd packed before-hand. So with 30 mins to spare, I left the office and in 10 mins was stuck in a traffic jam!

Another unfinished post is dead...


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